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" I have used Encore Detailing for 5 years now (starting at their previous location on Old Padonia Road). Needless to say, they have always done a superb job on my cars (which is the reason I am still using them, 5 years later). Their service is very professional. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and the car always looks great and shiny after the service. Since they moved to their current location on Beaver Dam Road, the experience has become even better, thanks to the spaciousness, the couches, the TV, and of course, the free pop corn. They have WiFi too, so you can bring your work while you wait for the car. I highly recommend them."

-Harish N.


"I am the original owner of a 2001 Chevy Tahoe, with 320,000 miles. I have probably used at least a dozen detailers across 4 states and without a doubt Encore Detailing is the best I've used. My truck comes back to me looking like it just came off the dealers lot. Great service, great, hard working employees. They clean your vehicle like it was their own."

-Matt M.


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Angie's List

Overall: A

"Incredible. spectacular interior cleaning of dirty Lexus 350 2007. Looks like a 2020 Lexus 350!!!!! Have had countless details done in the past 20 years and never encountered an incredible excellent experience. From the moment i walked into the door, until I saw my Lexus. It looked like a brand new automobile. Receptionists, Brie and Damon, were truly superb, helpful, courteous and patient with my many questions. I loved the free Keurig coffee, popcorn and comfortable and modern waiting area. Great, extraordinary. No question best Detailer in Maryland. My car looks brand new!!!! You make a huge mistake if you go anywhere else in Maryland!! I don't care how far you have to drive, but in my opinion, drive by every other detailer in the state, perhaps the tri-state area or you will make a huge mistake. I am referring my family!!!! I am looking forward to bringing my 2000 Landcruiser next month. Whoopee!! They are busy so call early!!!!!!!!!! It's kinda obvious why they are so busy. I am a very very very very satisfied customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-Roberta from Baltimore


Overall: A

"Encore Detailing did an outstanding job on my vehicle; after just a deluxe detail, the car looked virtually new. I can personally attest to their services being the best in the area as I have tried many card wash/detail companies and also have friends in the business; however, I still continue to patronize Encore Detailing because of their amazing services. If you have a custom, high end or high performance vehicle - this is the place to go for regular washing as well as occasional or seasonal full detailing. Everything is done by hand so there is no danger of damage from mechanical arms and rotating brushes, and the quality of cleaning agents and their experience with clay bar, sealants and wax is unsurpassed. My wife was amazed at the vehicle parked in the their lot that had been recently washed & detailed as they appeared to be freshly painted or showroom new, however most of them were early 2000 models.These guys WILL have your car or truck sparkling like brand-new!"

-Lisa from Reisterstown



"I brought both of my cars to Encore Detailing last week. First time customer but they treated me like I had been coming there for 10 years! Amazing customer service but most importantly the job they did on my cars was phenomenal. I had some scratches on my new X1 and they mad it look nicer than when i got it. I also had them do my Nissan 350z which I was selling, I couldn't believe how nice it looked when they were done, and first guy who came to see my car bought it and paid asking price! I can't say enough how awesome these guys are. Only place I will bring my cars to going forward. One of Victoria's finest local businesses. If you want your car looking like new you have to see Encore Detailing!"

-Justin T.


"Encore Detailing did an amazing job detailing my Mazda Speed3. After living at the beach for three years I was pretty accustomed to finding sand in every crevice of my car. There wasn't a trace of sand after a full service detail. Thank you!"

-Candice K.


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